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Halloweek – False Positive Season 2

Do you want to know the terrible thing about fear? Even when you think you’ve gotten over it, when you think you’ve gotten rid of it for good, it always comes back.

Or more accurately, it never left…

And neither did we.

False Positive (Season 2)


This comic is NOT appropriate for young children due to violence, gore, and occasional adult themes.

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Fledgling Friday: The Timeless

Hello reader(s) and welcome to another Fledgling Friday spotlight!

This week we get to meet

The Timeless, from Vivifica Studios.


In 2013, independent comic creators Jolene Houser, Dana Skvarek, and Andy Bohn banded together to form Vivifica Studios an “independent publisher of comics, short stories, and web-comics… from up-and-coming artists from all over the globe.”

Their flagship series, The Timeless, stars a pantheon of beings, each named after one of the signs of the western Zodiac. The comic follows these eponymous Timeless as they influence the world towards a particular goal. But is that goal salvation… or destruction?

In premise, The Timeless is very reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s master series The Sandman (which I very recently finished yeah!). Some might even see this series as an imitation… which I’d have no problem with. It’d be great to have more stories like The Sandman and Neil Gaiman is a particularly bright star in the world of comics – shooting for that star only serves to show the ambition of the creators.

The art is a bit rough in places and the paneling’s very basic, but for a free webcomic, this is still a high quality production. I, for one, am most certainly interested in seeing more of it.






Fledgling Friday: Blindsprings

Welcome back to Fledgling Friday!

I know it’s been a while, but I thought it was high time we shined the spotlight on another promising comic. So, for the first Fledgling Friday of the year – and to celebrate the arrival of Spring – let’s take a look at…

Blindsprings, by Kadi Fedoruk.


Blindsprings is an all ages comic, featuring magic, secret societies and hidden gateways to fantastic places. The comic should appeal to anyone who loves Ghibli or Disney animated movies!

– from the About page.

Enchanting artwork and delectable colors are certainly the best way to catch a curious comic-reader’s attention. A subtle story with enigmatic, expressive characters also helps to keep their interest. Thankfully, Blindsprings has ample amounts of both.

A strange girl in the forest, an ambitious young man, and mysterious otherworldly beings are just a few of the elements that make this fairy tale-inspired work so captivating. I love the soft art, the depictions of time passing, and the budding relation/friendship between the two lead characters in the beginning. It can be a little confusing, but, like all the best fairy tales, there are depths of subtlety that are best experienced when read more than once.

Blindsprings updates very regularly every Tuesday and Thursday.

In the Month of Madness: False Positive Season One

Hello reader(s). Did you notice? Did you see? It’s back again. It has been for some time, now.

October. Halloween season.

And the nightmares came back with it. I’m sure you have them, too. In fact, I’m positive you do. Of course, that could just be a…

False Positive.


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Frightful Friday: All Night

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, this week’s comic spotlight is another series featuring things that go bump in the night.

All Night, by Brittney Sabo (artist/co-creator of Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny!).


It’s not always easy for a comic with just over twenty pages to get across much of any story or setting, especially when it’s just a few panels each page. Yet the world that Ms. Sabo has created – a world where night has perpetually fallen over one half of the world, day over the other, and where dangerous unearthly creatures inhabit the dark – is conveyed beautifully through the art with warm sunset hues, cool nighttime tones, and all the penumbral colors in between.

We’re also given a good introduction to Clarence Kastas, our apparent protagonist, as he tries to handle his first job as a caster, a class of magician that specializes in handling supernatural threats. His nervousness and eagerness to succeed tells us much about his character… perhaps more than he’d like known.

All Night currently updates Fridays. If you enjoy MFK or Birdboy, maybe give this one a read.