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Kickstarter for Skin Deep, Vol 3 going on NOW

OK, I have two bits of news:

1. I am still alive (yay me!)


2. There’s a kickstarter for Skin Deep Volume 3¬†going on right now.

Softcover (left) and Hardcover (right)

There’s still just about a week left and it’s already over 70% funded. All it needs is that little bit of help to meet it’s goal. That little bit of help could be you!

So if you’re a fan of Kory Bing’s wonderful webcomic about mythical creatures living secretly among us and want a shot at some of those sweet pledge rewards, now’s your chance!


Skin Deep: Orientations

College life is full of changes; new places, new people, new identities. It’s a time for discovery and reinvention, when people learn (or at least try to learn) who they are inside.

But sometimes, who we think we are is only…

Skin Deep


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