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Halloweek – False Positive Season 2

Do you want to know the terrible thing about fear? Even when you think you’ve gotten over it, when you think you’ve gotten rid of it for good, it always comes back.

Or more accurately, it never left…

And neither did we.

False Positive (Season 2)


This comic is NOT appropriate for young children due to violence, gore, and occasional adult themes.

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Happy Halloween 2013! (Unlife)

Hello reader(s) and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My apologies for posting late.

Parties, costumes, scary movies, and monstrously massive mounds of sugary sweets are all part of what makes this month so enjoyable for me. For a lot of people, as the leaves fade and daylight dwindles, Halloween is the last best way of injecting a little life into the Autumn days between Summer and Winter.

Or, perhaps in this case, the better term might be…



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In the Month of Madness: False Positive Season One

Hello reader(s). Did you notice? Did you see? It’s back again. It has been for some time, now.

October. Halloween season.

And the nightmares came back with it. I’m sure you have them, too. In fact, I’m positive you do. Of course, that could just be a…

False Positive.


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In the Month of Madness: The Watcher of Yaathagggu

Madness isn’t just a sudden change in being. It comes in waves, again and again, eroding minds and breaking wills like sea-cliffs, a constant thundering, maddening rhythm, threatening to overwhelm you and sweep you out into the depths of darkness and crushing insanity.

None are more familiar with this than…

The Watcher of Yaathaggu


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In the Month of Madness: Broodhollow

A paranoid encyclopedia salesman. An inheritance from an unknown relative. A town of secrets and smiles, secret societies, and maddening, terrifying things lurking just on the edge of sight.

Welcome to Nightvale Broodhollow.


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