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Hello, readers! Happy Halloween Month!

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d break the ice with a joke. OK, here goes.

Knock knock.

You (presumably): “Who’s there?”

And I answer “Death!”

I was going to make the punchline “The IRS” but that might’ve been too terrifying.

Anyways, this is Beefpaper.


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I’ve been ill for the past week and, seeing as how it’s only been a week since Valentine’s Day, I guess you could say I’m love-sick, ha ha…

I’m sorry, that’s the fever talking. I’ll be sure to keep the puns short. You could even say they’ve been…


(Yep, still febrile)



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Frightful Friday: Scaredemy

October is over, but there’s just enough Halloween spirit left over to muster together one final Frightful Friday spotlight.

What could be scarier than going back to school? How about going to one full of monsters? Today we take a tour of…

Scaredemy, by Zack Slade.


Simon was just your average boy, with average intelligence and average looks. That is, until he found his dad’s old Scaredemy yearbook.

– From the Students page

Concept wise, Scaredemy is a comedy about surviving school life… except the main character, Simon, literally has to survive a school full of actual monsters. The idea’s not completely new, but it’s done nicely here with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor and jabs at both school culture and monster tropes and even a few at Harry Potter (Simon discovers he’s an alchemist and is enrolled in a school to learn “magic”).

The art is good; stylized, kid-friendly, but fairly crisp, colorful and all around great at depicting monsters and school life with a humorous bend. It looks like it’s taken some inspiration from classic comic strips, but I can’t say it’s derivative or generic. It has its own look and style and pulls it off wonderfully.

If you can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to Halloween just yet, why not try giving Scaredemy a read through? What’s the worst that could happen?

Happle Tea

Hello everyone, and welcome back. A new year, new possibilities; it’s all just a little too much to contemplate, really. If you’re looking to start the year off in a good mood, might I suggest a bit of tea? Not chamomile, though; I’m still avoiding that one. No, I was thinking something a little more like iced tea, or Snapple Tea –

Oh, I know!

How about some Happle Tea?

Warning! This comic contains expletives… like, RIGHT off the bat.


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