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Halloweek – Nimona

EDITOR’S NOTE; most of Nimona has been taken down and can only be read in physical book form. However, the first three chapters are still available to read online.

It’s officially the week of Halloween! So, what shall we dress up as this year?

A knight? A supervillain? A cyborg? How about a shark?

Oh, I know! Why not all of them.. at once!?

This is Nimona.


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Monstrous Mayhem: Monster Pulse

I am so sorry this is so late. I am such a terrible, irresponsible blogger.

Kids love dinosaurs. They love Godzilla and giant robots and space aliens. If they’re like me, they grow up on franchises like Pokemon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher. They draw fierce creatures and imagine them locked in epic battles for Justice, for the world, for sheer unadulterated awesomeness.

Kids, in short, love monsters. But what happens when a kid actually gets a monster of their own, one that they have to hide and care for on top of all the usual drama that comes with being a kid? What if that monster is literally a part of them?

This is Monster Pulse, by Magnolia Porter.


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Fledgling Friday: Thunderbird

Hey reader(s). I’m sorry for last week’s lack of a Fledgling Friday. I kinda ran out of new comics to talk about, but I have one now.

So, for the first Fledgling Friday in April, let’s take a gander at the appropriately named

Thunderbird, by Linkenlog.


In a harsh desert landscape, where gods and magic are a part of life, no creature is more vital than the rain-bringing Thunderbird. But one day, the Thunderbird is attacked and, with its disappearance, everything is threatened. Young Molly Donelly works to protect her family after the loss of her father. When she finds a young Thunderbird, wounded and afraid, she begins a quest to reunite the baby with it’s vanished mother. But mysterious enemies prowl the desert…

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I enjoy mythology-based stories and the Native American influence is well appreciated. The Thunderbird has always been one of my favorite mythical beings and I really like the style used to depict it here.

Even with only 30 pages, we’re still given a good feel for the characters – Molly’s character is the strongest, but her sisters, mother, and a few other characters all have moments when their personalities shine. I particularly love how Molly manages to blur gender lines – without being obvious about it – simply by being the “man” of the family.

Charming, amicable characters, colorful, stylish artwork, and a great setup for a fantasy story give Thunderbird everything it needs to soar to the top of my reading list.

“Thunderbird updates every Saturday, except when it doesn’t.”



The Ghosts of Pineville (Book 1)

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who’re you gonna call?

How about three kids with a fascination for ghost stories.

The Ghosts of Pinevilleby Sarah L. Turner.


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In the Month of Madness: Broodhollow

A paranoid encyclopedia salesman. An inheritance from an unknown relative. A town of secrets and smiles, secret societies, and maddening, terrifying things lurking just on the edge of sight.

Welcome to Nightvale Broodhollow.


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