Fledgling Friday: The Timeless

Hello reader(s) and welcome to another Fledgling Friday spotlight!

This week we get to meet

The Timeless, from Vivifica Studios.


In 2013, independent comic creators Jolene Houser, Dana Skvarek, and Andy Bohn banded together to form Vivifica Studios an “independent publisher of comics, short stories, and web-comics… from up-and-coming artists from all over the globe.”

Their flagship series, The Timeless, stars a pantheon of beings, each named after one of the signs of the western Zodiac. The comic follows these eponymous Timeless as they influence the world towards a particular goal. But is that goal salvation… or destruction?

In premise, The Timeless is very reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s master series The Sandman (which I very recently finished yeah!). Some might even see this series as an imitation… which I’d have no problem with. It’d be great to have more stories like The Sandman and Neil Gaiman is a particularly bright star in the world of comics – shooting for that star only serves to show the ambition of the creators.

The art is a bit rough in places and the paneling’s very basic, but for a free webcomic, this is still a high quality production. I, for one, am most certainly interested in seeing more of it.







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