Fledgling Friday; Knights Errant: Pavane

Extra update, yay! It’s still Friday where I’m at, so I thought I’d make up for the missed update by posting an extra one.

This week my mystic, otherworldly powers have selected

Knights Errant: Pavane, by Jennifer Doyle.


I was interested to learn that Knights Errant: Pavane is actually a reboot of an earlier comic – simply named Knights Errant – also by Jennifer Doyle. Although, the two comics are related, I feel this incarnation is new enough to stand on its own.

The art’s great – stylish and organic, with just a touch of that manga-esque influence that a lot of professional comics use nowadays. I’ve never read any of the original Knights Errant, but the dialogue and the panels here are so well used and the characters so well set up that even just eleven pages of comic is enough to get me very interested in finding out what’s going on.

Why is Beppe, a young prison guard, helping the swarthy inmate Wilfrid to escape? An ulterior motive? An act of infatuation? Both? I don’t know, but I really want to find out.

Disclaimer: Knights Errant: Pavane has some strong language, violence, and potentially adult themes.






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