I’ve been ill for the past week and, seeing as how it’s only been a week since Valentine’s Day, I guess you could say I’m love-sick, ha ha…

I’m sorry, that’s the fever talking. I’ll be sure to keep the puns short. You could even say they’ve been…


(Yep, still febrile)




Follow the everyday antics of romantic couple and comic co-creators Mandy Seley and Fox as reenacted by their anthropomorphic character doubles.

Warning; This comic does feature alcohol use and occasional strong language, and as such might not be suitable for children.


Seley Hall – the in-comic representation of artist Mandy Seley, she’s a snow leopard with a wry sense of humor. She’s sassy, energetic, afraid of (most) bugs, and mostly serves as the reader’s guide/interpreter in regards to what goes on in the comic. She likes to play the straight man for Fox to play off of.


Fox -Seley’s significant other. A literal and figurative fox, he’s crafty (again, literally and figuratively), sarcastic, and is sometimes a bit of an a-hole (in the most endearing way possible, of course). He and Seley love each other deeply, though he might not like to display it as much as she’d like, sometimes.


The comic features smooth line-work, deceptively simple-looking marker shading, and, beginning in this strip, eye-catching splashes of accent colors. The art style starts off much more cartoony than what it later morphs into, but unlike most other comics, the shift is quick and fairly sudden, with the occasional lapses into the older style. I’d guess this is because the strips aren’t always posted in the order they were drawn (Mandy’s been drawing the comic since 2010), which is kind of the genius of making a comic about anecdotes from one’s life, now that I think about it.



There really isn’t much of a story; it’s just a comic about two people living together, based on the real lives of the people that make the comic. That said, the humor is great, sarcastic with a healthy dose of non sequitur, just the way I like it. There are a couple of strips that play on the fact that the comic is full of talking animal people living in a world designed to represent real life. There’s even a bit of fourth wall humor. The dialogue is clear, error-free, and wonderfully effective at getting the jokes across.



  • Clean, soft artwork chock full of character and expression
  • Great humor as only reality (and a pair of creative minds) can deliver
  • Beautiful elements of romance

All in all, a cute, funny, well-drawn comic, perfect for sharing with your own significant other or that one couple you know. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to fight off a fever.


Curtailed is written and drawn by Mandy Seley. This comic, including all images used here, belongs to her.

Note; there was apparently some issue on the comic site concerning too much server usage recently, so please try not to flood them with visits all at once.


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2 responses to “Curtailed

  • mandyseley

    Just stumbled across this, and I wanted to thank you for the kind words!
    (Fox notes that, given the fever, you were clearly delusional when you wrote this, hehe)

    How nice of you to take the time to review our work, we appreciate it! Now I’m off to look through your other reviews and see if I can expand my reading list a bit. 🙂

    • Bedlam

      Is it weird that I’m more satisfied with the fever post than I am with my usual writing? Either way, I’m glad you liked it.
      Heh, the thought of someone reading through my archive always makes me want to erase it all and hide the evidence. I’m just shy like that.
      I hope you enjoy the other comics as well. Please be sure to let the creators know if you find one you like.

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