Frightful Friday: All Night

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, this week’s comic spotlight is another series featuring things that go bump in the night.

All Night, by Brittney Sabo (artist/co-creator of Francis Sharp in the Grip of the Uncanny!).


It’s not always easy for a comic with just over twenty pages to get across much of any story or setting, especially when it’s just a few panels each page. Yet the world that Ms. Sabo has created – a world where night has perpetually fallen over one half of the world, day over the other, and where dangerous unearthly creatures inhabit the dark – is conveyed beautifully through the art with warm sunset hues, cool nighttime tones, and all the penumbral colors in between.

We’re also given a good introduction to Clarence Kastas, our apparent protagonist, as he tries to handle his first job as a caster, a class of magician that specializes in handling supernatural threats. His nervousness and eagerness to succeed tells us much about his character… perhaps more than he’d like known.

All Night currently updates Fridays. If you enjoy MFK or Birdboy, maybe give this one a read.


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