Fledgling Friday: Bird Boy

Another week, another Friday, another webcomic spotlight.

This week’s fledgling comic is the appropriately named Bird Boy, by Annie Szabla.

2010-09-06-2010-09-6-Promo-PageWhen a small boy stumbles upon a legendary weapon, he must flee across a dangerous land of gods, men and beasts to keep it from falling into the wrong hands…

– from the About page

From clear Scandinavian, Inuit, and Mesoamerican influences, Szabla melds together a beautifully unique, immediately captivating style. I love the diverse yet unobtrusive colors, the striking creature designs, and the various details on the characters’ clothing – Bali’s mask does such an effective job of identifying him, that it’s always a pleasant shock when we’re reminded that it isn’t actually his face.

While updates to the comic are – unfortunately – a little slow-going, there is certainly more than enough to keep the reader interested in this world and it’s inhabitants, especially little Bali, whose desperate, youthful quest to prove himself invariably leads him into trouble.

Will he prove himself to his tribe? What adventures will he have to undergo before he does? What revelations about himself or his world will he discover?

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly eager to find out.


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