Flegling Friday: Solstoria

OK. First off, I know this one has more than 75 pages, thus immediately making my earlier cutoff pointless, but in my defense it had fewer than that back when I decided to showcase it.

Anyways, here’s a look at Solstoria, by Angelica Maria.


These farmers’ children, two young, bright-eyed kids, will soon learn quite a bit about their world… they just don’t know it yet.

Samantha and Lawrence Russel […] will struggle for each other’s safety happiness in this world. One chooses to become a knight and walk along the path of light. The other… perhaps, you could say, chooses the unbeaten road and follow the path of darkness.

What would you be willing to sacrifice to save someone you love? What does it take to learn from the world around you, which can be so frightfully ugly, and to see the beauty within?

 – From the Info page

I like the eye-catching colors which, more often than not, make the pages look rather spectacular. The designs also remind me a bit of Harvest Moon (which I’ve never played, but have always enjoyed, aesthetically). The style for the most part is cute, with one or two scenes that manage to be eerie without being menacing which makes it just about perfect for Fall.

As much as I enjoy the art, the writing unfortunately feels a bit strained. Dialogue comes across a tad halting and no one really seems to have a real voice of their own yet. However, that’s the beauty of new series – they have infinite room for improvement.

A feast for the eyes, the promise of a character-driven, child-friendly story, and the beginning of Autumn (read “approach of Halloween”), makes this the perfect time to check this series out.


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