New Webcomic-Friendly Theme from WordPress

It’s a good day to be a webcomic creator.

Earlier today, the magnanimous (may they carry our words forever), introduced “Panel”, their latest (free) theme, specifically dedicated to webcomics and their meta-environment. Featuring an economic layout, drag-and-drop image uploading, and a Featured Content option for images, updates, and schedules, “Panel” is making itself out to be the new best friend of on-site comic creators.

Since I’m purely a comic reader, I can’t say for sure whether or not the new theme addresses any problems that comickers might have had on the service, or if it gives them the freedom of design they usually crave. Either way, it’s cool of to offer such features in the first place. It’s an open door for new comic creators looking to start a project.

“Panel”  is a step in some sort of direction.

Only time and webcomic creators will tell if it’s the right one.

Now go, you crazy kids. Enjoy!.

Did I mention it’s free?


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