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I originally thought this was a bit too long to post all in one piece, so I decided to post half first and then the rest later, only to put it all on the back burner for several months. Finally, I simply changed my mind and elected to just retroactively post the whole thing.
I hope you enjoy.

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Felicitations, malefactors and welcome to the first ever Evil Interview. This is a new series where we sit down and chat with various villains and evil entities from all kinds of different cultures and media.

IR: Our first guest is the Slender Man, internet sensation and star of the new game Slender: The Eight Pages. Welcome.

SM (Translated from [Redacted] using arcane magicks): Thank you.

IR: So, Mr. Man, tell us a little about yourself.

SM: It’s Slenderman, actually.

IR: Oh, Jewish?

SM: R’lyehian, actually.

IR: Funny, you don’t look R’lyehian.

SM: Most people wouldn’t be able to tell, since they’d go mad just from looking at me.

IR: Mad with envy, I’d imagine. Look at that suit. Is that Armani?

SM: Aren’t we supposed to be having an interview?

IR: Oh right, sorry. *ahem* I understand you got your start on the Something Awful forums, correct?


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