Happy New Year!! (and apologies)

Happy New Year, most wonderful of readers! We survived another year (take THAT Mayans [Apologies to all my Mayan readers])!

I’m very sorry for missing last Friday’s post. There were… inconveniences, to say the least. I guess I’ll just have to post it a little later this month.

Which brings me to my next announcement. I’ll be rolling back the update schedule for the blog to about once a week on Friday’s, at least for the month of January. After that, I plan to make February another theme month that I hope we can all enjoy. In fact, I think I’ll make it one of my resolutions for the new year.

Which makes my resolutions for 2013 as follows:

1. Get back into a human-esque shape

2. Finish writing a novel (I’m debating on making it Adult fantasy)

3. Blog more responsibly and

4. Share more wonderful webcomics with everyone.

So, until next time and may all your non-life-threatening resolutions come true.

I wonder what your resolutions might be. Don’t be afraid to post them in the comments below. Everything’s worthwhile here!


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