Winter Tales: Sarah and the Seed

Feliz Navidad, everyone and welcome to another Review! I’m sure you’re all busy today, so I won’t keep you long. Today’s special webcomic is…

Sarah and the Seed


All Sarah and her husband Aaron have ever wanted was a family. Sadly, after a lifetime of disappointment, the two have all but given up on their dream. Then one day in the middle of winter, a miracle happens and Sarah gives birth to… an enormous seed. While Sarah is strangely overjoyed, her husband has reservations. As the seasons pass, and the seed begins to grow, his worries only grow with it.

Written by Ryan Andrews, the prolific writer of several other comics, Sarah and the Seed is a beautiful tale cut in a similar cloth as Snow White, The Snow Child, and other such fairy tales. The ending is true to type, but I daren’t spoil it. Like all beautiful stories, it seed_spring01bsimply needs to be experienced. The dialogue between the two characters is minimalistic, but natural; no words are wasted. As with all short stories, there isn’t much time to delve into the characters, but the reader is given everything they need to know about them. When Aaron is faced with an unbelievable situation, the reader can see how much he cares for Sarah, as well as how that care slowly becomes concern for her sanity. We see his love for his wife as well as his faith in her, but at the same time, we see his fear’s as a husband as he stands by and watches Sarah slip into increasingly strange behavior. Sarah may be the titular character, but, in many ways, the story is all about Aaron and his struggle to both accept the surreal situation and stand by his wife.

The artwork is superb at depicting the story, like the illustrations of a good children’s book. There are dark moments that the artwork manages to capture very well and the continuous layout of the comic allows the art to flow perfectly in sync with the story. The comic is split into separate sections, each titled after a season, beginning with the winter that Sarah gives birth to the seed and ending with the following winter, bringing the comic full circle in a sense. Little elements like ribbons and tree branches winter_seed01athat stretch up and down the pages very literally tie the art together. In a world where most webcomics follow a typical panel format, it’s both refreshing and impressive to see an artist making use of the open canvas, illustrating both what a comic is as well as what it can do. here is some very mild nudity, but it’s used in such an innocent manner that I don’t feel it affects the comic in any way.

Short and simple, yet beautiful and heartfelt, Sarah and the Seed is truly a fitting comic to read on a day centered around family gatherings.


Sarah and the Seed was created by Ryan Andrews. This comic, including all images used here, belongs to him.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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