Newtown, Connecticut

Tragedy does not come in waves. It does not vanish with the rising sun or recede in regular lulls. Evil is committed each and every day. Today, however, one horrifying, unimaginable act rose above the others. In a small town in Connecticut, lives were shattered when a masked gunman killed 28 people, most of them children. The country stands, stunned, and for far too many, there will be no mending. As hard as I dare, I will never be able to imagine the anguish and the pain that the victims’ loved ones are going through right now. All I can do for now is send them my prayers.

At times like this, however, I take refuge in my belief in humanities innate capacity for nobility. Evil is many things to many people, but, in my heart, I know that the one thing it will never be is greater than the goodness that opposes it; hope, faith, compassion, kindness, and love. Most importantly love. In all of history, individual evils have never outweighed communal good.

So I ask of those few that hear me, please give your thoughts to those who suffer, regardless of of your creed or country. Honor them and help them by adding to the world’s goodness, even if it’s as little as a kind word to a stranger. Let us do good where we can, in the hope that others will do the same in turn and that some of it will reach the grieving families in Newtown.

Be well, be good,



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