A Return and a Promise

Hello wonderful readers! Long see, no time.

Wait, no… strike that; reverse it.

I must confess, and with no small amount of shame, that I did not manage to finish my novel in time for NaNoWriMo. A combination of procrastination, constant self-editing, and excessive facial hair proved to be my inevitable undoing.

To paraphrase a popular inspirational quote, I shot for the moon… and never broke the atmosphere.

Obviously, I have yet to master the discipline required to write a novel in such a short time, but master it I shall! I will continue my training, and in 332 days, I shall take up NaNoWriMo’s challenge once more. And there shall be a reckoning.

And so, honorable readers, I ask that you join me next November, eleven months from now, for what will forever be known as The Rage on the Page (event name subject to change)!


For now, however, we’ll be returning to familiar territory with a brand new theme month.


Be well, be good,



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