Children of the future Age/ Reading this indignant page

Shocking news everyone! This blog has gotten a new follower.

I know right. I couldn’t believe it either.

She goes by G. E. Gallas and her blog can be found right here. She’s a striving writer and graphic novelist who displays remarkable ambition and productivity. Her current project, The Man Who Never Smiled is a “contemporary film noir about the tragic fate of a father and his daughter” and is being filmed in Northern England.

However, it’s her pet project that draws our attention today. The Poet and the Flea is a reimagining of the life of Romantic poet-painter William Blake as he struggles against a less than friendly spirit that has made a wager against his soul. With a premise like that, the graphic novel would undoubtedly be a perfect fit for this blog. She plans to release the first five pages on November 28th, on what would be William Blake’s 255th birthday (if he were as immortal as his works), an occasion that fans of Blake and graphic novels alike can look forward to.

With her choice of inspiration and the energy she lends to it, it’s quite obvious that G.E. has excellent taste in reading material. So when she decided she liked this blog enough to follow it, what more could I say except… “Why?”

If you think you might be interested in what she has to offer the world, then just click right on over and check out her blog.


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