Hello, kiddies.

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to The Infernal Reviews.

I am Bedlam and I’ll be your host if you’ll be my parasite. This tiny space pebble we call a planet has once more rounded its dying sun, the heavenly bodies have aligned, and all the unhallowed hosts of horror have once more been unleashed upon the face of the Earth. That’s right. It’s October, or as I like to call it, “Halloween plus 30 other days”.

For the monstrous among us, Halloween is to Christmas what Mardi Gras is to Lent, and it appears that it’s also something of a big thing for a lot of you people as well; a time when you actively indulge yourselves with sadistic fear-mongering and tooth decay, long before the saccharine sentiments of the Holiday season arrive. So, to make this Halloween (and the 30 long days before it) all the more special, for the whole month of October, we’ll be ramping up production and giving you two reviews a week, every Tuesday and Friday (Tuesdays are scarier than Mondays), all on monster, Halloween, or horror-themed web-comics.

“But Bedlam,” you might ask, “How are these different from the web-comics you usually review?” Well, you see, it’s like this… they just are, OK?

Don’t worry. I’m sure I can scare up some good reviews. We’ll certainly have a frightfully good time. I’d even go so far as to say it’ll be a real scream. MwahahaHAHAHA!

I’m sorry.


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