What Fresh Hell is This?

How the blazes did you end up here? Ah well, it doesn’t matter. The point is you made it. Welcome, poor lost souls, to the Infernal Reviews! MUAHAHAHAha-aheh… heheh. Sorry. Old habit.

I am Bedlam, the Infernal Reviewer. You can call me Bedlam, or if you wish, the I.R., but whatever you do, don’t call me Shirley.

In this particular circle of Hell, I will make it my task to inspect all sorts of monstrous media, chiefly web-comics, but on rare occasions I’ll expand to include movies and television programs as well. My modus operandi will be to target material with elements of either the supernatural or the science-fictional.

Since idle hands are the Devil’s playthings (and we don’t want him showing up just yet) rest assured that I will update very soon, once I have found a good schedule pace and have fiddled around with the blog a bit. The first five or so updates will be ones that I am working on, but after that I will be open to suggestions.

Until then, my friends, stay out of trouble.

– Bedlam


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